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BREAD Storage

Since we don’t use any preservatives or white sugar in our breads, we recommend storing them as explained below

Can be stored at room temperature in a container / paper bag

  • Sourdough doesn’t get spoilt / form mould unless contaminated. It will only lose moisture.
  • Large breads - 3 / 4 days
  • Small breads - 2 days

Cling wrapped and kept in fridge

  • Large breads - 1 week
  • Small breads - 3 / 4 days


  • Large breads - 2 weeks
  • Small breads - 1 week

How to freeze breads

  • Always cling wrap before freezing
  • Freezer temperature -18°C or lower
  • Never freeze again after thawing
  • Large breads can be sliced, cling wrapped and frozen
  • Follow thawing instructions carefully

How to thaw frozen bread

  • Large breads - Leave out with cling wrap for 2.5 hrs or overnight in fridge
  • Small breads - Leave out with cling wrap for 1hr or overnight in fridge.
  • Pre-heated oven for 30 mins at 200°C and place the loaf in it for 3 to 4 mins for large breads and 2 to 3 mins for small breads.
  • You can also slice and toast on tawa or toaster to consume. Not to use microwave.


  • Can remain in box for 2/3 days. If cling wrapped and kept in fridge, it is good for 4/5 days. Heat it up for 2/3 minutes at 180 deg before consuming.

Final recommendations - GOLDEN RULES

  1. Always maintain the bread in the refrigerator in between uses
  2. Always protect the bread from drying up: cling wrap, zip-lock cover or air-tight container
  3. Follow freezing, thawing, toasting instructions as provided
  4. Use of serrated bread knife for slicing
  5. Remember never to use microwave


  • "We have a loaf of sourdough from Honoré Boulangerie once, if not twice a week on our table. It's not an exaggeration to say this is beautiful bread. The crust is crisp and perfect, the crumb generously open, and the texture perfect and flavourful. A loaf lasts remarkably well, often without refrigeration and freezes very well too. When you eat a slice, it's hard to imagine it's crafted using only locally available materials, by a baker with no formal training. It's a great luxury to have bread of this quality in Bengaluru."

    Kaveri Ponnapa